Women against discrimination – WOMAD

The project is giving the opportunity to engage people that otherwise would not be normally involved in a European context. The direct beneficiaries of the outcomes of the project are: teenagers, coaches and directors of sports clubs. They will all have the chance to play an active role in the development of the project itself.

The project responds to three general objectives:

– Raise awareness about gender inequality in sport, focusing on football;

– Enhance sport practice among women and girls.

– Promote social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport.

The project aims to create guidelines for a course for gender mainstreaming in sports. The outcome is conceived to be tested and disseminated outside the partnership, at a European level by contacting organizations (40 organizations) that work on the topic of sport and gender equality, sport clubs and local schools our partnership has previously collaborated with and are willing to contribute to narrow the gender gap in sport and make sport more inclusive for women to whom the output will be send so they can share it. It consists of activities and tools proposed by and shared among the partners in order to set an example and to be a starting point for future courses on the topic. These guidelines aim to respond to the general objective of encouraging social inclusion and equal opportunities which will be achieved by working on something that had been particularly perceived as a male prerogative, like sports.

The first project activity was held in Belgrade, Serbia, in March, at the stadium of the Red Star Football Club (Marakana), as the partner and host of the meeting from Serbia gathers other partners (Euro Mamme associazione sportive dilettantistica – Italy, Sport club O Val de Naron – Spain) and with the coordinator Minority leaders for society – North Macedonia, kick-started the project.

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