Sport to promote change for LGBT

The aim of the project is to build the capacity of organizations and individuals in order to provide better practices through new forms of training and support developed for target groups with the focus on raising awareness about the rights and need for support to young LGBT persons in sports and establishing safety net for these persons and educational programmes for other actors involved in sports/sport clubs.

Empowered champions – support for youth with fewer opportunities in football

Project aims to provide participating organizations, participants and other stakeholders with an understanding of the attributes and perspectives of socially responsible and sensible programmes and systems of financial support of young sportspersons with fewer opportunities, especially those coming from families with economic obstacles strengthened by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gender equality as new power in football

The overall goal of the project is to promote gender equality and equal opportunities for men and women in decision-making related to the work of football clubs, as well as increase women’s participation in running sports clubs, focusing on football as a primary model that can be replicated in other sports.

Women against discrimination

The project aims to create guidelines for a course for gender mainstreaming in sports. The outcome is conceived to be tested and disseminated outside the partnership, at a European level by contacting organizations that work on the topic of sport and gender equality, sport clubs and local schools our partnership has previously collaborated with and are willing to contribute to narrow the gender gap in sport and make sport more inclusive for women.

Sport + Youth 4 Inclusion =ity (Equality)

The aim of this project is to promote sport and sports activities among kids, encourage inclusion of children coming from different backgrounds, and encourage active and healthy lifestyle among children aged (13-17) no matter their abilities or background.

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