Project: Sport + Youth 4 Inclusion =ity (Equality)

The aim of this project is to promote sport and sports activities among kids, encourage inclusion of children coming from different backgrounds, and encourage active and healthy lifestyle among children aged (13-17)  no matter their abilities or background…

Monika Seleš – Little Mo “Miracle Child”

Monika Seleš is a former Yugoslav and later American tennis player. She was born in Novi Sad in 1973. Her early tennis development was supported by her father Karolj, but also by the famous Jelena Genčić…

Crossminton – The ideal sport for recreation always and everywhere

Crossminton is a recket game founded in Berlin in 2001. It is previously known as speed badminton. The reason for the name change was to separate this sport further from traditional badminton and create a unique identity for crossminton…

Project: Gender equality as new power in football

The overall goal of the project is to promote gender equality and equal opportunities for men and women in decision-making related to the work of football clubs, as well as increase women’s participation in running sports clubs…


Sportaction is the initiative that brings closer all the colors of sport, all the spirits of people; it promotes equality and positive change; it emphasises sports as tool for societal improvements and motivates education through fun and games.




Women sportswear through history

Women sportswear through history

As the gradual emancipation of women took place in the last 2 centuries, the number of women involved in sports, but also the sports clothes they wear, somehow changed....

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Association for progress, education and lobbying



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