As girls enter adolescence, they tend to stop engaging in as much physical activity as they had been in late childhood, early as 10 years of age, girls begin to become more sedentary, their activity levels dropping by as much as 83 percent as they transition through adolescence. Even though physical activity has gained more attention in recent years because of the obesity epidemic, by 18 and 19 years of age, the majority of girls engage in virtually no physical activity except gym class at school. The latest WHO study, published on the World Obesity Day 04.03.2022, shows that 85% of adolescent girls don’t do enough physical activity.

With this project, ASSOCIATION FOR FITNESS AND SPORT RECREATION – LAGERTA, together with their partners ASSOCIACAO JUVENIL DE PENICHE, CLUB DE PITCH AND PUTT BARCELONA TEIA, CYCLING CLUB CIKLO START and SPORTS DANCE ASSOCIATION PIROUETTE intend to promote different types of sport and physical activity as a tool for health at the same time empowering teenage girls (10-16 years) to be more physical active and stay active through their adolescent as well to promote equal opportunities through inclusion in sports activities.

Project objectives:

O1 – to build the capacity of partners organisation and increasing the quality and practices of their work providing them with new knowledge and skill for engaging teenage girls to stay active in their adolescent period;

O2- to raise awareness of important of physical activity and to engage teenage girls (10-16) in regular physical activity, through promotion teen fitness, cycling and modern dance as tool for health and to improve their motor skills, knowledge, and behavior related to active lifestyle;

O3 – to improve the role of parent (as role models, as partners in physical activity/exercise, as supporters) in developing their children’s physical activity pattern and raise parents’ involvement in their teenage’s physical activity;

O4 – to increase awareness of the importance healthy eating among girls adolescents, developing a healthy attitude towards food with full understanding of the importance of nutrition for optimal health.

As a result, several outputs have been created on English language and translated on Serbian, Portuguese, Spanish and Macedonian language. Here you can find:

Parent’s guide on English, Serbian, Spanish, Portuguese and Macedonian.

Teenage Nutrition on English, Portuguese, Spanish, Serbian and Macedonian.

TeensActivity Local Research Report: Nurturing the health, empowering lives on English, Macedonian, Serbian, Portuguese and Spanish

The project is financed by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission.

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