Sport + Youth 4 Inclusion =ity (Equality) – Sport4Equality

The aim of this project is to promote sport and sports activities among kids, encourage inclusion of children coming from different backgrounds, and encourage active and healthy lifestyle among children aged (13-17) no matter their abilities or background. With this project consortium would like to develop activities and techniques which will help workers that work with children to be more aware about the benefits of sport and active lifestyle and the importance of inclusion of all children in sport.

The importance of teaching children how to be inclusive and accept everyone no matter their background or (dis)ability, as they are the base for future growth and development of healthy and inclusive societies is one of the main ideas that lies behind this project. Members of consortium believe that it is crucial to teach them about inclusivity from a very young age, as what they learn while they are still young will have a huge impact in their lives later. Moreover, when they grow up their actions will have an influence on the society as well, so teaching them core values means contributing to the creation of firm social ties and relations, and contributing for the promotion of tolerance, mutual respect, solidarity and equality.

By involving participants with fewer opportunities and participants with disabilities and by promoting sport as a tool for equality and inclusion of all children with this project partners will tackle one of the most important horizontal priorities of the Erasmus + programme – inclusion and diversity. This will be achieved through the involvement of children coming from in rural and less serviced areas as they are the target group they would like to tackle due to the limited resources and opportunities they have.

Project partners: Association for progress, education and lobbying and Volleyball club Janta Volej – North Macedonia, Football Club Red Star and Handball club Beograd – Serbia, and A.M. EUEXIA – Spain.

The first project meeting happened in March and the second in May 2023, hosted in Belgrade, Serbia and Skopje, North Macedonia.

The third project meeting will be organized in Spain, Plasencia, in July 2023.


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