“Empowered champions – support for youth with fewer opportunities in football” – EMCHAMP project aims to provide participating organizations, participants and other stakeholders with an understanding of the attributes and perspectives of socially responsible and sensible programmes and systems of financial support of young sportspersons with fewer opportunities, especially those coming from families with economic obstacles strengthen by the COVID-19 pandemic. Project introduces concepts that enables football clubs to start a transformative process in the way they nurture talents and young players, and in the way they think about social issues specifically. This new way of thinking has the potential to positively impact not only sport club, but also families and communities.

This project will be useful for sports organizations, young sportspersons and non-governmental organizations for promoting the use of responsible financing of talents through and with sport, in order to generate competitive advantages in the sport world.

Our small-scale partnership project offers the opportunity to develop and transfer innovative outputs and engage partners and participants into intensive dissemination and exploitation activities of innovative ideas in sport area and skill development especially social inclusion mindset of sport organizations and young athletes.

Partner organizations (Red Star Football Club from Serbia, World Minifootball Federation based in Czechia, Braganca Football Association from Portugal, SERGED from Turkey and Footbal club Bregalnica 2008 from North Macedonia) will be able to competently, efficiently and effectively implement the acquired knowledge and skills in the work and operations of sports organizations and stakeholder. Participants of this project will acquire knowledge and competences that enable them for independent, professional, individual or team work and engagement in the world of sport.

First project meeting from held in Belgrade at the Rajko Mitic Stadium (Marakana) in March 2023, and the second meeting is being held in Prague in June 2023.

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